Toilet / Bidet / Hose bib / Sprinkler valve / sut off valves / ball valves / gate valves / gas valves.

If you need a new shower valve, drain, lavatory faucet, kitchen fauce, sink, bath tub or wate and over flow, vanity, toilet, urinal, we service all makes and models. We have most every thing we need in stock in our truck, ready to go. If you buy your own faucet, toilet, shower / tub valve, Dishwasher Disposal we can in stalled for you
We also installed Dishwasher , Stoves, rang tops,
Mirwaves washing machins, dryers.

Sub pumps/ pool pump
If you need a new pump, a repair,or need water pump out, this is the company to call.
562 407-3869