We Have A lot of way to find leak's
Under slab / cement
In wall
between floor's
In attic
under ground
Some of the equipment we us to find leak
Gas sniffer
Thermal imaging camera
Line video camera
Electronic lessening probe's
C 0 2 Presser test
and more

If you have a high water of gas bill
or hear water hissing threw you pipes or small gas
you might have a slab leak
Call to day for a Diagnostic will let you know what is going on with you system and what it need to fix it.

We Have found thousands of leak in all kind of places since 1984

Plumbing Certification
If you need a Plumb Cert
we will come to you home check you all you plumbing
with a written report on all the plumbing if it is up to COD, if it need repairing or upgrading,
or if every thing is ok
this is required if you are selling your home.

City Permits
Yes we will pull city permits if needed.

Gas co red tag you system
call to day and will find that leak with gas leak detection. and give you estimate on repairing you system.