Drain Cleaning /Rooter rootering / Jetting
Yes Mulhearn Plumbing is well-ready for drain cleaning.  We have drain cleaning cable machines for Small stoppages & Big,  toilet, bath tub, sinks, main lines and also have hydro-jetters for those times when a cable just won't do the job. A jetter uses high-pressured water to remove debris & build up along the walls of your drain pipes. Jetters can drastically improve the condition of your drain pipes.
We also have sewer video camera and locating equipment
This system is a camera that can enter a sewer line. This lets us visually inspect the entire length of pipe from a house to the bad spot. If we locate a problem we can show you where it is and how we can correct it.
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Sewer Locating / Diagnostic
Some times Root's or Earth quakes can separate or crack you sewer pipe
If you are have problems with main line sewer backing up

We offer a lot of way to repair or replace your sewer:
Pulling a new sewer threw the old one
or replacing

Main line sewer Clean out
I recommend every house have one
It make every thing a lot easier to clean and inspection.
We work on All Drain's in the Home and out. Commercial & Residential
New or replace
Bathtub / shower
Lavatory/Basin/ Bathroom sink
In the wall under the house
Under cement, Vent's
We have repair thousands over sewer over the years
Well Equipped for all you drain Needs
Call to Day for A free Estimate
If you need a new sewer, repair, cleanout, ABS, Clay, Steel, Galvanize, cast iron or copper. we have a lot of different methods to fixing sewer drain line from small jobs under sinks, in walls, ceiling, under house, to main-line, all the way to city tie-ends. Call for a Free Estimate