If your water heater is not working, if it is it older than 10 years, or making a popping or cracking sound, then it is time to change.  With all the new codes on water heaters today you want it done right. Let the professionals at Mulhearn Plumbing come to you and give you a free Estimate on upgrading to a new water heater. We will come to your Home or Building, take out the old Heater, clean the area, replace it with a brand new, up to code, and haul the old one away. If you already have one and just want us to install it we do that too.
If you need a circulating Pump & line we have a lot of diffrent way of installing one.
Water heater that need maintence once a year
100 gal water heater. Cleaning / delime
Thankless. cleaning flushing with a cleaner
Water heaters: we service "all brand" and size.
Reem , Bradford white , G.E, American 
Noritz , Kenmore 
A.O Smith ,Bosch , Reliance & More 
We Service All Makes and models
Commercial and Residential
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Wether you want a new Water heater or want to go thankless or just need yearly maintenance service or Repair, this is the right company to do the job. We have been installing water heaters thru all the changes over the years and Kept up with all the latest technology